• Agreed December 1999
  • Reviewed September 2003
  • Reviewed January 2007
  • Reviewed May 2013
  • Reviewed May 2015
  • Reviewed September 2016
  • Reviewed September 2018


To promote high standards in the provision and development of academic, management and administrative information systems and technologies throughout the Scottish Higher and Tertiary Education Sectors.

In pursuance of the above, the group may be involved, inter alia, in the following activities:

  1. Providing a forum for ascertaining and making known the views of its membership
  2. Proactively engaging with key stakeholders and promoting initiatives such as shared services, resource sharing and technology enhancements
  3. Organising conferences and workshops
  4. Engaging with influential bodies, such as SFC, Universities Scotland, UCISA, Jisc and Janet UK
  5. Sponsoring and publishing articles in appropriate forums and disseminating best practice
  6. Promoting developments and research in accordance with the interests of its members
  7. Working with bodies representing libraries, for example SCURL, SCONUL and other bodies with an interest in information provision to mutual advantage
  8. Collaborating with Scotland's Colleges, APUC and similar bodies throughout the UK and elsewhere


A) Membership

Full membership shall be open to Higher Education Institutions funded by SFC.

Affiliate membership shall be open to

  1. All bodies eligible for membership of UCISA whose principal address is within Scotland
  2. Any other body agreed at a meeting of HEIDS

There is no subscription fee.

Full members shall be entitled to appoint up to two representatives to attend meetings organised by the Committee: one of these shall normally be the Director of IT, or similar post holder.

Each Full member shall have two votes at the Annual General Meeting or any other meeting called by HEIDS, which may be cast by any one or two representatives of the member.

Affiliate members shall also be entitled to appoint a representative to attend meetings organised by the Committee. Affiliate members shall, however, not be entitled to vote.

HEIDS will create sub groups as required for particular purposes.

B) Officers

The annual meeting shall elect a Chair, Vice-Chair and a Secretary from amongst representatives of its full members. Office bearers will normally be expected to serve for a period of two years, confirmed annually at the Annual General Meeting. Elections to the offices of Chair and Vice-Chair will be held on a different year cycle to elections for the office of Secretary.

C) Review

The constitution will be reviewed annually at AGM.

Annual Review

This constitution was last reviewed at the HEIDS AGM on 21 September 2018.